Interview: Katja Glieson Debuts Her New Single 'I Would Kill'

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Aussie pop star Katja Glieson is paving her own way in music and delivering her message in hopes to show each and every single one of her fans that they are not alone.

She recently debuted her single "I Would Kill" and shared some information regarding her life, the single and her career thus far.

Glieson was featured in the Princess Rap Battles video where she played Frozen's Elsa and took on Snow White in what is a pretty intense rap battle session.

However, Glieson's talent far extends from being a rapper for an awesome parody video. She intends on sending real messages of hope and understanding with relatable music.

"Why is it the one thing we want more than anything is the one thing that is bad for us? 'I Would Kill' is about trying to muster up the strength to rid yourself of your most toxic vice," according to Glieson.

"But every time you try to pull away, you feel like you're dragged back into the same cycle. For me, when I fall in love, I fall hard. The thought of being without them is simply unbearable."

You can check out Glieson's new single "I Would Kill" and our chat with her below.

Katja, we first want to say congratulations on your new single "I Would Kill." What does this particular song mean to you?

Thank you so much! I am super excited to get it out. I know its a song so many people can relate to. It is a song about our vices.

Whether it be alcohol or substance addiction, food addiction (so me) or staying in a really toxic, addictive relationship. I know when I fall in love, I fall hard! I tend to lose myself along the way and, in the past have ended up a crazy mess.

This song is about dealing with all of those crazy addictive cycles and having a breakthrough by admitting the truth to yourself. No matter how (for lack of a better word) F#*ked up the truth is.

Katja Glieson's "I Would Kill" Music Video

When did you realize that you wanted to pursue a career in music?

Music has been my sanity.

It has been my best friend, my counsel and my worst enemy at times - I mean how terrible is it when you just break up with someone and every song on your playlist reminds you of them? I love the idea of being the conduit of that magic.

Music speaks to our souls and can heal us.

Who would you say are some of your musical influences?

I have an extremely varied taste in music! I love Carlos Santana, his essence is music. I am really inspired by the great Jazz musicians when Jazz was being invented.

I love that it was a fusion of numerous cultures' music at a time of slavery and war.

How did you first break into the entertainment music scene?

I'd been up and back from Australia to the US writing and recording, then had an amazing opportunity to perform on the mainstages of LA Pride, Capital Pride, OC Pride, Phoenix Pride etc, when I think I popped up on the YouTube scene with the Princess Rap Battle. That's sort of where a lot of people ended up seeing me.

Haha it always makes me a little nervous knowing their first impression of me as a potty mouth. But hey, I'm 'Strayan! Thats what we do I guess haha.

What was it like filming the Princess Rap Battle?

SUPER FUN! Oh my goodness. The day was just full of laughs.

We all had no idea it was going to be shared and seen by so many people. When we got together, we all just thought it was a really funny thing to make.

Does "I Would Kill" pretty much represent the sounds that will be coming from future projects?

It certainly does. It's brutally honest. Haha for a while I was forcing myself to write music that really didn't reflect a lot of what I had been dealing with in my life.

I thought I needed to be positive all the time. I didn't think anyone wanted to hear about the truth of my life, nor would they care.

Its also very exposing. My new music very much represents a lot of what is going on inside this lil head of mine.

What can fans expect from the music video for "I Would Kill"?

I think what I was really going for with this video, was to not have any expectations really. It's very simple, raw and me.

There were only 4 people on set including me.

I wanted to have a safe space so my friends whom I trust were there helping me whilst we shot this video.

The song strikes a very painful chord inside of me even now, so there were a lot of tears, which you may see in the video as well.

Can you tell us about any of the upcoming projects you have?

I am so excited, I will be going to Atlanta and performing at The American Cancer Society's Relay For Life of Columbia County! It's on April 30.

And even if you can't be there in person, you can still donate to the wonderful cause.

I am so honored to be working with Doctors Hospital on their #LiveYourHealthy campaign! My song "Shooting Star" really matched their revolutionary campaign to educate and inspire a healthy and sustainable way of living and being.

I absolutely cannot wait to go out there, perform and meet the people who are working so hard to improve the lives of people everyday, the brave heroes that are trying to heal and the inspirational survivors!

What message do you hope to deliver with your music?

I really just want people to know that in every chapter of their lives, in every experience, be it celebratory or traumatic, they aren't alone.

Music is there to help you enhance a wonderful experience and to be there for you in your darkest times.

As an artist behind the music, I am trying to communicate to people that we are all connected and we aren't alone in any of our experiences.

Any last words for your fans and followers?

Thank you for reading this far! Haha I know our attention spans are getting shorter every moment. I really appreciate every single person that connects with me and my music. Thank you for joining the family and being with me on this journey. I love our daily communication.

The #SpecialAgents are my foundation, my rock, my family. And not just for me, but for each other. I am so proud of every single one of you. I look forward to our growth together.