Interview With Joshua Radin: New Album and 2015 World Tour

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Joshua Radin has been winning the hearts of many with his heartfelt lyrics and acoustics since he burst on the scene in 2004.

Radin's career started when his first song, "Winter" was introduced to Scrubs' show creator Bill Lawrence, who used several of his songs in various scenes throughout the television series.

Since then, Radin has released six albums with popular songs including "Paperweight", "Brand New Day", "I'd Rather Be With You", and more.

Radin recently had a Q&A with EmptyLighthouse about the inspiration behind his new album, Onward and Sideways and about his current U.S., Canadian, and European tour.

Why did you become a singer/songwriter?

Out of necessity. I needed to tell someone how I felt and I didn't know how to say it. Somehow using songs seemed easier.

What are the inspirations behind your lyrics? What makes you stop throughout your day and think, "This would make for a great song!"

It's difficult to say. They just hit me every now and again. I never sit down to write. I just live my life and hope the inspiration strikes. I try to act like a lightning rod.

What is the worst-non music job you've ever had?

I've seriously had them all. Too tough to say. So many bad ones.

Let's talk about your new album, Onward and Sideways. Tell me about your journey with this album.

It's a wooing album. I needed to make a very special lady fall in love with me. So I set about writing her song after song until she did.

It took a lot of writing. By the end, I had what I thought was an album. So I recorded it and released it.

Your song "Beautiful Day". Why did you decide to make another version two years later? Why did you choose Sheryl Crow, and how was it working with her?

Well a car company called and asked if they could use it for a commercial so I figured with the exposure that would bring, I'd like to direct the new listeners to my new album. So I re-cut it as a duet and Sheryl was the first person I thought of. And luckily she said yes.

She's just amazing in every way. What a true professional.

Tell me about your tour. Where are you most excited to perform? Are you traveling to cities you've never been to?

I'm traveling all over the world. It's gonna be fantastic but long. But that is a great problem to have.

I'll deal with the lack of sleep when I'm done come summer time. I love playing in Europe because it feels like I get paid to travel around the most beautiful cities rather than having to pay for it myself.

I'm a traveler at heart so why not get paid to do it if you can, you know? I'm a very fortunate person to be able to do that.

If you could say anything to your fans about your journey as a singer/songwriter, what would it be? Any advice for aspiring singer/songwriters out there?

I would say, never do anything for the money. Always make decisions that allow you to sleep soundly at night with a clear conscience. And then just read as much as possible. The best writers are always voracious readers.

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