Interview: I Prevail Talks 'Blank Space' Cover, Upcoming Tour & Album For Late 2015

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If you've been browsing YouTube for Taylor Swift "Blank Space" covers, chances are you've come across the rocked out version from the guys if I Prevail. Following their release of the cover the group has been steadily growing in popular.

I Prevail is composed of Brian Burkheiser (Vocals), Eric Vanlerberghe (Vocals), Steve Menoian (Guitar) and Lee Runestad. Following the success of their "Blank Space" cover, which now has over 4.7 million views on YouTube, the band went on to release a seven track powerhouse of an album titled, "Heart vs.

Mind." Combining hardcore rock and emotional lyrics, the bands music and more importantly the success speaks for itself. They amassed a following of over 55,000 on Facebook with over 54,000 subscribers on YouTube.

The band reached a peak position of number nine on iTunes Top Rock albums for "Heart vs.

Mind," which has over 160 five star ratings and over 92 customer reviews.

As they get ready to go on tour, Brain and Lee took some time to chat with Empty Lighthouse on their success and what their plans are moving forward, check it out below.

Staring off with Taylor Swift's "Blank Space" and the viral success that was your cover, how did you guys come to the decision that you'd be cover that song?

"We knew she was coming out with an album, so we waited to see what was coming out and 'Shake It Off' didn't really seem to have the right vibe.

So we just kind of waited and then the album came out, we listened to 'Blank Space,' loved it, started writing and recording on it and went from there."

Has anyone from Taylor Swifts camp approached you guys?

"Not yet. Haha, We're still waiting. Fingers are crossed."

How do you think she would respond to the cover?

"I don't know man ha, maybe it would freak her out with the screaming, but hopefully she doesn't."

"Heart vs. Mind" is receiving excellent reviews on iTunes did you guys expect to have the amount of positive response that has been pouring in?

"No, absolutely not, we had no idea it was going to be like this. This was the first thing we've ever really released, we were a band just writing in our producer's basement. Our expectations were low."

"We kind of expected friends and family to support with all of this but we had no idea that it was going to go this big."

Do you think that having a YouTube channel was instrumental in pushing you guys further into the limelight?

"Yeah, absolutely, I mean YouTube, we've just come to find is a huge outlet to get your music out to people.

Once the cover started going viral we had two music videos lined up probably about a week or two afterwards."

"We started popping up in the sidebar, people started responding and we directed them to go purchase our album, so yeah YouTube's been a huge outlet for us."

The album is pretty diverse as you even have a slower track called "My Heart I Surrender," what was the inspiration behind that particular song?

"You know it's just kind of a battle representing a girl or guy who is longing for someone that they haven't been able to be with for awhile."

Today you guys have announced that you will be playing the Gramercy Theatre in New York, what's it like playing for a larger group of fans than you may have played for in the past?

"Well we've never actually gone on tour at all, but we've played one show that was about 80 people.

So anything over that is going to be kind of a culture shock. But, we'll let you know where we get there because we're not there yet."

"We feel pretty confident in our set, with all of the practice we've put in. We started this in late 2013 you know, and we've just been practicing and getting all the right pieces in place."

2014 was obviously a big year for you guys so what's next?

"Basically we're trying to hit everywhere we can on tour, but besides that we're definitely trying to get into the studio.

You know, we're playing it by ear right now, but we're planning on hopefully releasing another album this year, not sure if it will be around late fall but probably late 2015.

"We're really looking forward to getting more time in the studio, getting more time to write and really pour our heart and soul into the album."

Your fans have been pretty instrumental in helping your social media presence grow as well as the viral factor of the "Blank Space" cover. Is there anything you want to say to them?

"Yeah. We Definitely want to say thank you! We appreciate all their support so much and it's unreal.

None of this would have happened if people hadn't picked it up and ran with it.

It can only go viral if people support you and want it to happen, so we owe everything to all of the followers and fans."

"Heart vs. Mind" is available for download on iTunes right now and fans can catch the band as they tour with Amaranthe in May and June.