Interview: Alyson Stoner Talks Her New Single 'Woman' and Continuous Success

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After appearing in a couple of Missy Elliot videos and films like Step Up and Cheaper By The Dozen, Alyson Stoner is looking to carve a new career path.

Today Stoner releases her new single "Woman," a track that she says captures the essence of her transitions in life.

"After 15 years in entertainment, I reached the formidable transition to adulthood and realized my biggest obstacle wasn't the industry or my competition, but myself," says Stoner in her bio.

"I'd been waiting for the world to give me permission and an opportunity, when really the responsibility to participate in my story and dream was solely mine.

It's been a scary, messy and thrilling journey of personal and artistic development, but this is the life I want to live: vulnerable, honest, bold, and human. This is the woman I am."

Stoner has broken into almost every aspect of entertainment that you can think of including the fairly new and ultra-popular world of YouTube. Stoner has shown a pretty relentless work ethic over the years and fits seamlessly into every aspect of entertainment she has entered.

Today marks the release of her new single "Woman" and she caught up with us to talk about the journey of her career, as well as what she wants fans to take away from her music.

Check out the conversation below.

Alyson, you have been in the entertainment business from a very young age how did you make the transition from a dancer to an actress and now a singer?

Like any path of development and expansion, I've explored and experimented and struggled and failed. You train in a craft, do your best once on the job, search for meaning through it all, and follow the dream alive inside which also leads to new life.

Practically, I had my feet in all three- acting, singing, and dancing- the whole time. This is simply the order in which they've taken the front seat publicly.

What was it like working with Missy Elliot at the age of 7?

I was excited and enamored by her star power. I barely knew her discography, yet her presence as a person and performer inspired me every time she walked in the room.

Did you always want to pursue a career in music?

Music has been around me and in my bones since the beginning.

My pursuit of music as a career is a more a response to a stirring passion than any self-concocted agenda. It's not really about me, although I guess I'm an instrument in its creation.

If you had to choose one career out of dancing, acting and singing, which one would you choose?

Thankfully, I do not have to choose right now. And I celebrate that gift!

The YouTube scene is pretty hot right now how did you get started and what is it like working with YouTube stars like Leroy Sanchez and Tyler Ward?

It's awesome to meet other artists and collaborate. I've never felt more a part of a community, now that many of us are connected directly through technology.

The new single "Woman" is out now and so is the music video. What was the writing process like for the track?

"Woman"is a special song. I've dedicated 1.5 years of my life to it, actually. It's not only a representation of my transition from child to adult, backup to lead, and fearful to empowered.

It was conceived as I had a realization about myself and my future: I'd been waiting for the world to give me permission and an opportunity, when really the responsibility to participate in my journey is mine.

So, boom. Time to step up, no pun intended.

What can fans expect from the upcoming album?

Honesty. haha And movement.. can't wait to see how it makes you move.

How does it feel to be one of Google's Top Trending Actresses Searched in 2015 and what was your initial reaction?

Oh, so bizarre, right? What a stat. haha Mm. My reaction is...

Grateful to be trending for a project, the Tribute, I ideated and saw to fruition with so many wonderful people. Grateful the attention came as I was living out my identity and potential authentically. That's encouraging.

What do you want fans to take away from your music?

I hope people are liberated to experience all the moments here in Life... there's a song and a vibe to express it all...

let it soothe, let it inspire, let it invigorate, let it do whatever it does, unforced. Music is so beautiful.

Any last words for your fans and followers?

Thank you for supporting. My passion for music comes from deep within, so I hope you feel that.. and it moves you.