The Internet, Years And Years, Cozz & Alessia Cara Top Billboard's Emerging Artists Chart

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A bit of rap, a sprinkle of soul and some EDM infused pop music make up today's Billboard Emerging Artists Chart as The Internet, Years and Years, Cozz and Alessia Cara round out the top four spots.

(Positions May Shift Following Publishing)

The Internet currently holds the number one spot with "Special Affair." Syd Tha Kyd and Matt Martians are the masterminds behind The Internet which also features Patrick Paige II, Christopher Smith, Jameel Bruner and Steve Lacy. "Special Affair" was released with good news of the groups new album "Ego Death," scheduled to be released on June 30.

"Special Affair" is a deep and soulful song featuring and old school R&B vibe.

It's sexy tone made possible by Kyd's incredibly hazy and shadowy vocals echo throughout the track to create something extremely lustful. Check out "Special Affair" below and stay tuned for "Ego Death" later on this month.

"Special Affair" By The Internet

Years and Years continue their dominance on the Billboard Emerging Artists Chart but this week it's made possible by their new single "Shine." "Shine" is the sixth song released by Years and Years as they continue to build the anticipation for their debut album "Communion" scheduled to be released on July 10. It's been an incredible run for Years and Years so far gaining the adoration of fans with their electronic infused pop hits.

Their music is filled with emotion and stories of heartbreak, love and relationship triumphs.

It's uplifting upbeat music that many can relate to and Years and Years continues to impress as the album release nears closer. Check out "Shine" below and stay tuned for more on Years and Years debut album.

"Shine" By Years and Years

Ever since the release of his debut album "Cozz & Effect" J. Cole's prodigy Cozz has been quite, that is, until the release of "345 Sharp" which currently holds the third spot on the Billboard Emerging Artists Chart. The Dreamville artist made a name for himself with his deep, hardcore style of rap where he tells stories of growing up in hard times.

His words are real and relatable, so, it doesn't surprise us that J. Cole was quick to sign Cozz to his Dreamville label alongside the likes of Bas and Omen to name a few.

"345 Sharp" continues to build upon his style and skills as a rapper and he does mention Crooks and Castles as the trac was featured on the Salewds "compilation mixtape put together to pay tribute to late Crooks and Castles marketing manager," according to HotNewHipHop.

Check out "345 Sharp" below.

"345 Sharp" By Cozz

Rounding out the top four on the Billboard Emerging Artists Chart right now is Alessia Cara and her song "Here." Cara's voice is intoxicating and soulful. "Here" is a declaration of a girl who is not a partier or doesn't conform to the party lifestyle of her friends but still ends up at parties.

It's an anthem for the anti-social bunch that keeps a tight knit group of friends, often discusses their dreams and listens to music with deeper meaning than the average pop song.

"Here" is for anyone who has ever felt out of place and brings a bit of perspective to those who may have never explored that side of the coin. Check out the incredible sound of Alessia Cara on "Here" below.

"Here" By Alessia Cara