Instagram's KicksOlOgy Puts A Lot Of Sneakerheads To Shame

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In the new age of sneaker collecting it has now become cool to own large quantities of sneakers and Kicks0l0gy's sneaker collection might be one of the best yet in terms of someone who is certainly not new to the game.

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Storage life . Not even close to changing out to all drop face boxes but slowly ...

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27-year-old Elise is a Certified Coding Specialist for a hospital according to her recent interview with She also told complex that she has a passion for the sneakers and when she was younger she wasn't able to get all the sneakers that she wanted.

Kicks0l0gy is a 12 year collector and she says that sneakerheads are different from collectors, however, they all have to potential to become collectors.


#Size6gang @franalations killing it

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She represents the little feet gang as she often tags a lot of her posts on Instagram. Her collection consists of a wide range of sneakers from, runners to OG Air Jordans and Nike Basketball sneakers.

Kicks0l0gy also attends a good amount of Sneaker Conventions and posts videos of photos from the ones she attends on Twitter and Instagram.

She breaks the stereotype of female sneaker collectors and her collection may even have some of the guys feeling a little insecure about their own.

She is another collector that has so much "heat" that it encourages others around the world to better their collections as well. With over 88,000 followers on Instagram Kicks0l0gy has fans who can expect a daily photo most of the time.

The amount of heat in her collection is downright filthy (in a good way) and the diversity in her collection shows that she is an all around collector.

She recently attended Dunk Exchange San Francisco and showcased some heat of her own. She is a collector for all the right reasons and serves as a good role model for up and coming collectors as well.


Selfie during the sneaker battle why not @laceherup ? #LoveBayAreaEvents #DXCSF

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