Instagram's Hugh Hefners: Dan Bilzerian, Tony Toutouni, Travers Beynon

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With the existence of Dan Bilzerian, Tony Toutouni and Travers Beynon it's safe to say that Hugh Hefner's life doesn't seem that far out of reach if you have millions of dollars to throw around.

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To be a playboy on Instagram looks as if it's becoming some what of a fan for single, filthy rich, middle-aged men who figured out that all they want to do is make money and be surrounded tons of beautiful women.

Hugh Hefner might be considered the man who originated this lifestyle with his Playboy empire.

The 89-year-old adult magazine founder is still ticking but if he were to cruise Instagram looking for an heir who could successfully fulfill his lifestyle, Bilzerian, Toutouni and Beynon would more than likely be the top three competitors to fill the spot.

UFC slumber party w @missbelet @katesullivannnn @Meechyyyyy @rosieroff & associates

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Bilzerian is a poker player who's life revolves around gambling, money, women, guns, fast cars and blowing stuff up. His lifestyle is extremely outlandish and if being a big time playboy wasn't enough, he makes damn well sure that his 9.3 million followers on Instagram get a bit of a taste through his photos.

His last trip to Miami is one that most "stereotypical" guys in college might be envious of but it's only one of his many insane vacations surrounded by beautiful women.

Hefner's Instagram page only holds a mere 365,000 followers so Bilzerian is well off to a great start with his large fan base.

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Toutouni not only has a pretty cool name but he's just as rich and business savvy as Bilzerian.

Every further, Toutouni loves to take part in pretty much the same pass times as Bilzerian and that notion led into a great debate over the Internet community on who the real king of Instagram was.

Whether it's traveling on a private jet surrounded by beauties or flipping off everyone on Instagram Toutouni is a strong candidate for a shot at the ultimate Playboy title.

"I ain't got no type, bad bitches is the only thing that I like" #candyman #candyshopmansion #candyshopgoddesses #traversbeynon

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Meanwhile, there's Travers Beynon an Australian tobacco tycoon who's become somewhat of an outcast rom Bilzerian and Toutouni who both weighed in on a controversial photo of Beynon leading women around by leashes. He always seems to want to take things to extreme levels and now he's become a rival of Bilzerian and Toutouni in this virtual social media competition.

This isn't where I parked my car...

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There is one rising star who hasn't been mentioned yet and that's Bilzerian's protege Mister Keating. He's been under training from the reigning king of Instagram which means he's pretty much a younger Bilzerian ready to pounce on the IG throne.

Little is known about his true identity but his Instagram profile proves that he is a rising contender at a young age. A young Hugh Hefner? Who knows what possibilities await Keating once he's ready to assume the Instagram throne.

So who do you think could take over if Hugh Hefner were to look to one of these Instagram playboys to take over his empire? Vote in our poll below.