Instagram's Dan Bilzerian is Back to Shooting Up Cars

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Instagram playboy Dan Bilzerian is back to shooting up vehicles and his latest photo gives his fans a followers an explanation of why he never wanted to be a kid forever.

"Lotta rich people say they'd give up their money to be a kid again...

Not me, I hated being a little kid, every a**hole and their mother telling you what to do all the time, f**k that," said Bilzerian in the caption of the photo which shows Bilzerian firing off rounds at a car that's not too far away from him.

It's not the first time that Bilzerian has trashed a vehicle. He crushed a BMW and blew up and SUV.

We're sure we're missing a few of his destructive run ins with automobiles but those two pretty much sum up Bilzerian's idea of "rich people" fun.

Bilzerian had a pretty eventful Halloween dressing up as the "6 God" Drake for Halloween as he took over club Marquee with a room filled with women in costume. All In Magazine gave Bilzerian's fans and poker fans "9 Reasons Why Dan Bilzerian Can Out Party Anybody, Anytime, Anywhere," a article that perfectly describes Bilzerian's character as shown by his actions.

After a little down time it looks like Bilzerian is back to being the outlandish Instagram celebrity we know.

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