Instagram Playboy Dan Bilzerian's Latest Vacation Will Make You Very Jealous

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Last week Dan Bilzerian and his protege Mister Keating were taking a plane ride down to Miami and while that wasn't all the bit entertaining,

the Instagram playboy sure made up for it with photos of he and Mister Keating partying it up.

It was a weekend filled with guns, beautiful women in bikini's along with plenty of time on the water. Bilzerian doesn't ever need a reason to celebrate because, well, he's Dan Bilzerian that's reason enough to get drunk party and shoot some guns.

He started the little trip out with some gator hunting on what looks like the Florida Everglades. As you'll be able to tell from the photo, he's not using any regular gun nor is he alone.

Catching gators and shooting guns w @mabelynncapeluj

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I don't do country clubs and golf photocred: @gbaroth

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Of course when you're done hunting gators you get a little tired and might have to take a nap on the deck of your yacht surrounded by women in bikinis.

It might have all been a part of his trip to Miami where Bilzerian says he had to "try out some big booty girls." It's funny that Bilzerian is ripped because unlike most people on Instagram he never posts a photo of him working out.

So how in the world does one get that fit? Don't worry Bilzerian wasn't the only one getting in on the action Mister Keating took part as well all documented by his mentor.

Yacht life w @germanmiami @mabelynncapeluj @babyyvi @taysweezy @nes_joy

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Since I was in Miami I had to try out some big booty girls... #WhenInRome @babyyvi @nes_joy

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@mister_keating #HideYoKidsHideYourWife

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After a weekend of partying and a huge breakfast it looks like his secret to fitness is out. A little shout out to detox company Fit Tea along with two of fit women drinking from the brand bottles will probably do the trick.

This is yet more escapades in the life of Instagram playboy Dan Bilzerian that shows he might never stop enjoying the outlandish lifestyle.

After a few days staying with me, I'd recommend a 28 day detox of @fittea

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