Improv Everywhere Posts Epic Christmas Caroling Video

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The Improv Everywhere YouTube Channel posted and brand new video titled, "Epic Christmas Caroling" and it might just be one of the most extravagant caroling experiences you've ever seen.

(Video Below)

Imagine being home on a cold and quiet December evening just around Christmas time, only to have the quiet evening disrupted by the doorbell.

No it's not your neighbor, or unexpected family it's a small group of carolers, at least for the first couple of seconds.

The four carolers then turn into a 20-person brass orchestra and a 13-member choir according to the caption of the video. The family was randomly chosen to receive he surprise performance that was complete with not just one but four Santa Claus'.

They seemed to enjoy the surprise no matter how random it was and the performance was actually pretty awesome. Check out the full video below to experience all of the "epicness."

Watch the Epic Christmas Caroling Video