Improv Everywhere Makes 'The Magical Porta Potty' at Governors Ball

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Using the porta potty at a festival is the worse. It's smelly, possibly someone didn't aim correctly but it's all you've got. Improv Everywhere surprised bathroom goers at the Governors Ball with even more music.

(Video Below)

The Governors Ball is a music festival in New York. The festival goes for three days and includes an array of musical acts. Improv Everywhere decided to pull a prank on the festival attendees.

They altered a porta potty to allow a ridiculous amount of performers inside.

When ever someone would open the door to use said potty, a stream of performers would come out. Of course, they changed up the acts using from an Indian dance group to a marching band.

The video shows around six different situations of people opening up their special toilet. Some are startled by the appearance, others are confused but good humored about it.

One guy, though, seems to be very displeased with the choir members streaming out of the porta potty and walks away before their performance is done.

What a spoil sport, but then if you've got to go a long line of gospel singers blocking me in might be upsetting.

The Magical Porta Potty