Ike Barinholtz Talks Bobo, 'Suicide Squad' and More on the Howard Stern Show

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It was a pretty exciting visit for Ike Barinholtz who happens to be a fan of the Howard Stern SiriusXM radio show.

His knowledge on the show was pretty surprising and he shared some of the reasons he was obsessed with Bobo but didn't actually like him. Along with a lot of Stern talk, Barinholtz dished about the cast of Suicide Squad, his upcoming role in Sisters and more.

Barinholtz didn't waste time in telling Stern that Bobo was the worst caller on his show.

It all began with him admitting that he was going to be on General Hospital, a show that got Bobo in a lot of trouble with the Stern Show this summer. Oddly enough, Barinholtz told Stern that he was a bit obsessed with Bobo, however, it wasn't because he liked him, according to MarksFriggin's rundown.

"Howard said Ike is coming off as a fan of Bobo's. Ike said he is but his questions are awful.

Bobo said that it spawns into these songs and stuff. Ike said Howard is the genius for making Bobo interesting," according to MF.

Meanwhile, Barinholtz also gave his opinion on the Tan Mom Wack Packer debate. He does believe that she is a Wack Packer so you can chalk up another vote in her favor.

Barinholtz also gave Bobo a lesson in asking Stern questions. He asked Stern which Wack Packer he would go out to dinner with and Stern chose Eric The Actor.

He also went through his time at MAD TV and told Stern that the show was actually a bit difficult for him.

Barinholtz quickly talked about the plot for Sisters, also starring Amy Poehler and Tina Fey. Fey is scheduled to make an appearance on the Howard Stern show next week.

The star also told Stern that Suicide Squad was the biggest movie he has ever done and that the budget for it was something around $250 million. Barinholtz was otherwise pretty secretive of the movie because he was told he couldn't dish any info about it.

However, Barinholtz did talk about how "hot" his co-star Margot Robbie is and the weird things that Jared Leto did as he stayed in character the entire time.

He told Stern that Leto was hardcore into his role as the Joker and was doing all sorts of weird things while on set. Barinholtz told Stern that he actually liked how into the role Leto was and that hat is the way you are supposed to be, according to MF.

He really raved about working with Will Smith, who Stern also said should be coming on to the show at some point.

"Howard asked if Will Smith is in the movie. Ike said he's the greatest," according to MF.

"Ike said that Jada is hot. Howard said she really is. Ike said he and Will had to shoot almighty one night.

He said it was the night of the big fight. He said that Will got 3 movie screenings during lunch to see the fight.

He said it must have cost 200 grand. Ike said that they had a party where DJ Jazzy Jeff came out and performed with Will too."

He had nothing but nice things to say about Smith and how humble he was. Meanwhile, after some Neighbors 2 talk, Barinholtz cleared up the rumors of who started making fun of Robin Quivers for naming her cat Yoda.

He said that he and Jimmy Kimmel were smoking weed (weed that made Seth Rogen's look like crap), and Kimmel was the one who initiated the joke. All in all it was a pretty fun interview between Stern and Barinholtz.

Barinholtz is schedule to appear in Suicide Squad, Neighbors 2 and Sisters.

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