'If Superheros Were Real': A Hollywood Nightmare

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In a world without CGI, what would Hollywood do without superhero movies? Well, they'd create their own superheros of course.

(Video Below)

Superhero movies have taken over hollywood in the last few years. The Batman movies were re-done, Spider-man has been rebooted three times now, and Marvel put serious effort into their cinematic universe.

It's been over ten years now, since Superhero movies started becoming a regular thing and they don't seem to be going away anytime soon.

But superhero movies rely heavily on CGI to create the powers and abilities that make them so super. So what happens if CGI was gone?

"If Superheros Were Real," posted by SourceFedNERD, takes a look at what a laboratory dedicated to creating people with real powers would look like. Two head scientists take you on a tour of their facilities and most importantly of their creations. This part of the video is very comical, and takes an almost "Misfits"-like spin on your favorite superheros.

For example, The Flash doesn't have super speed, instead he repeals his clothes from his body. Superman is really named Souperman, as his mouth fills with soup every time it's closed for long periods of time.

Invisible Girl can only turn invisible in front of cameras and would never been "in" the movie. Of course, the video ends with a promo for their movie "The Functional Four"

If Superheroes Were Real!