Hulu Considering an Ad-Free Option

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Currently, Hulu's premium tier differs from other premium streaming platforms.

Content users pay a monthly fee but still have to view commercials. This may soon change. Hulu is trying a commercial free option for consumers penned NOAH.

Customers of the the premium tier have questioned why they have to pay extra but still sit through commercials. NOAH will be an ad-free option.

It will require a monthly service fee, like the premium. The fee will be almost double of the current price of $7.99.

This is the same price that Netflix asks for their base subscription and they offer no commercials. It's similar for music streaming platforms.

Having no commercials will be a point in Hulu's favor because no one else has access to popular TV shows just hours after they air.

The platform won't be available until the fall. Hulu is doing well, numbers wise but they are still paling in comparison to Netflix.

Hulu has even tried to go after Netflix in order for selective streaming rights for some shows. While Hulu may still believe in including ads in their stream but they are looking for a middle ground.

Most of it is because they want to maintain the relationship with the TV networks, because it's the edge Hulu has over the other companies.