Hulk Hogan Calls Some Irma Victims Without Power And Water 'Crybabies'

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Hulk Hogan is still running his mouth despite his tarnished reputation. The former WWE wrestler has now called out some Hurricane Irma victims for being 'crybabies' for moaning that they do not have power and water in their homes.

Hulk Hogan may have had a poor choice of words, but he was wanting to say that there are many people that are in a worse condition thanks to Hurricane Irma.

Hogan himself has no power in his own home, although his house is still intact. You can read the quotes from his Twitter page down below.

No water, no power, crybabies, everyone's complaining,these people have no clue how bad it could be. Praying for those that got hit hard, lost homes, lives, businesses, lost everything. Thank you God for helping those with divine highly blessings. God speed only love. Got home still no power,happy to help today in Orlando with the line crews restoring power there. Praying for those who lost lives/homes

Hulk Hogan even posted a Facebook video of himself and his friend going out and giving out food to the hard workers that are trying to restore the damage caused by Hurricane Irma.

Despite Hogan's recent controversies, he's still a recognizable celebrity and many people stopped to pose and take selfies with the man. You can check out Hogan's journey in the video posted down below.

Hogan was fired from the WWE a few years ago after he said the "n" word in a derogatory manner during a leaked sex tape video.

Hogan is hoping to eventually get back to the WWE, so doing more good deeds could somewhat help him get back in the good books with both the WWE and the public.

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