Hugh Grant Makes His Stern Show Debut

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As he gears up for the release of his new film Florence Foster Jenkins, Hugh Grant stopped by the Howard Stern SiriusXM radio show for his first appearance ever.

He spoke about his illustrious career and also dished some details on his new film.

Stern couldn't help but comment on Grant's appearance during the show and said that he was very handsome.

He then reported that Grant's movies combined have grossed $2.4 billion while Grant commented that it paled in comparison to what Stern has made over the years.

"Howard said he really liked the movie About a Boy and he was really good in it. Howard said it's a tough one to pull off.

Howard said the arc is that he's a scummy guy who is hiding from life and then he becomes emotionally present for this young boy," according to a MarksFriggin rundown.

"Howard asked if he was upset he didn't win an award for that. Hugh said he was a little bitter with the British academy. He called them bastards."

Grant spoke a bit about his entry into acting. He was a student at Oxford and was going to take on a whole different career. However, he was featured in a student film and agents approached him about acting.

Grant thought that he was appalling in the film, however the agents felt otherwise. He said that one year turned into 35.

"Howard asked Hugh about auditioning and if he hated doing that. Hugh said he never really had a problem doing it over in England," according to MF.

"Howard said it must feel like a miracle when you get a part. Hugh said it is amazing and frightening.

He said he was amazed he got that big part. He said it was at a Jim Henson building and he had Kermit sitting next to him on a bench."

They discussed the fact that Grant loves to pay attention to politics when he isn't filming, how it was like to work with Woody Allen as a director and the hit film Briget Jones's Diary. As for the new film Florence Foster Jenkins, Stern gave a brief synopsis and said that Meryl Streep's character played a wealthy woman who wanted to become an opera singer, Grant added that the character embarks on this journey because she loves music and wanted to give back to the troops.

It was another great interview for the Stern Show. You can catch Hugh Grant in Florence Foster Jenkins when it hits theaters on Friday, August 12.