Howard Stern Wack Packer Tan Mom Hired For a Photo Shoot

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Fans were in for a treat today as the Tan Mom photo shoot was a huge topic of discussion on the Stern Show where Howard Stern, Shuli Egar and Sal Governale all weighed in, especially Egar who personally attended the shoot.

"Howard said Shuli went with her and she got more and more cranky as the day went on," according to a MarksFriggin recap. "Howard said she got totally annoyed by it."

Tan Mom originally mistook the photo shoot for a fashion show and according to Egar she was already an hour and a half late to the shoot.

Egar said that Tan Mom was happy for a half hour but then started getting angry and began telling people not to tell her what to do according to a recap of the show.

Oddly enough Egar says that Tan Mom began getting naked in front of him which prompted him to ask her what kind of music "says sex to her." Tan Mom replied with "Third Eye Blind."

The Stern Wack Packer spoke to Egar about how much she misses Governale and how close of a friend he is.

Egar and Stern agreed that she is into Governale and he's into her because according to them it would be a "slam dunk" for him.

"Howard asked Sal about seeing Tan Mom's vagina at the Birthday Bash. Howard asked if he would f**k her if he was single," according to the MarksFriggin recap.

"Sal said he isn't single so he can't say. Sal said he is attracted to her. He said he saw her fall down and saw her side meat and it was hot.

He said he can't lie. Sal said she has nice, long, sleek legs. Shuli said she has a bunion on her foot that looks like a sixth toe."

The entire discussion was pretty hilarious and added to the extremely sexual nature of today's show. It's yet another exciting episode of Howard Stern's Sirius XM radio show.