Howard Stern Wack Packer Mick the Nerd's Worst Job Interview Ever

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One of the newer members of the Howard Stern SiriusXM radio show Wack Pack, Mick The Nerd went in for a mock job interview and Stern says it was the worst job interview ever.

They relived the interview while on the phone with Wolfie, who is pretty much in charge of all things Mick The Nerd. Mick attended a session with a woman who is responsible for preparing people for job interviews.

Funny enough, Mick wore a superhero t-shirt underneath his shirt and it was visible by the interviewer. Then, Stern began rolling a couple of clips from the interview where Mick The Nerd was discussing why he left his last job.

"Mick talked about how it was interfering with his schedule and things like that. He said he was a photographer and he was being told what to shoot and he didn't like that," according to MarksFriggin.

"Mick also talked about his previous jobs and how he's a gardener for his parents right now.

Mick was asked to talk about why he would fit in a fast paced job environment. Mick said he does things at his own pace."

Stern told his listeners that Mick even admitted to not being a team player and all of the many things that he is allergic to. Mick told the woman that he wanted to make $8 an hour or $1000 a month because that's where his skill level was.

It was pretty comical to listen to Mick talk about his mustache freezing off and wanting a job close to home because he would only be biking to work.

Wolfie told Stern that the woman said Mick was the strangest person she has ever interviewed according to MF.