Howard Stern Wack Packer Jeff The Drunk Addresses The Lump In His Throat

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T here isn't a shortage of Howard Stern's Wack Packers and today he caught up with Jeff The Drunk who discussed going to the doctor to check out the lump in his throat.

Stern commented that for someone who was scared of going to a doctor and was told not to smoke, you'd think Jeff The Drunk would see the warning as a wake up call, according to the MarksFriggin rundown of today's show.

"Howard played a clip of Shuli talking to Jeff about the bump in his throat that was the size of an eraser," according to MarksFriggin. "Jeff said he's thinking he might lose his voice."

Jeff The Drunk said that said that he probably shouldn't be smoking but continues to do so anyway. It brings up that age old debate about smoking and the hazards it possesses to ones health.

With the lump the size of an eraser it might seem as if Jeff The Drunk has a serious problem on his hands.

"Howard said that Jeff is saying goodbye in a boring way as usual" says MarksFriggin. "Howard said that's Jeff's way these days. Howard played more of Jeff talking to Shuli and saying goodbye to everyone if something does happen.

Jeff said he had a good time and it was fun while it lasted. Jeff said everything cant last forever. He said adios to everyone."

Following the interview with comedian Jeff Ross, Jeff The Drunk was back on the phone once again. The call ended up being between Jeff and The Lump who said he may turn cancerous at some point but wasn't sure.

"Jeff said Howard is picking on the Wack Pack like he said earlier," reported MarksFriggin.

"Howard said the lump finally made Jeff interesting. He said he never puts him on 3 times during a show.

Howard asked the lump why he chose Jeff instead of someone famous. The Lump said that you have to work your way up."

For Wack Packer lovers Jeff The Drunk's news might be of concern if it does turn out to be a serious health issue.