Howard Stern Wack Packer Bobo Talks to Himself on the Stern Show

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Listeners of the Howard Stern SiriusXM radio show were in for a treat today as Bobo called in to the show and when it was time to hang up, well, he never really did.

The result was pure comedy for the Stern Show and its listeners.

The Stern Show was full of comedy today ranging from Sacha Baron Cohen's visit to Bobo's Word Test game.

Stern played clips of Bobo trying to define words like inept, valiant, oaf, and vocation and by the time it was all over, there were some wins and some definite losses.

The real fun came when it was time to say goodbye to Bobo.

Stern told Bobo to hang up the phone but it appears as if Bobo still had his phone on and began talking to himself. All of this was going down while the show was still live on air and much of it was Bobo going over notes of what he should have done in the game.

Stern even joked that Bobo might be talking to his toupee according to MarksFriggin.

"Howard asked what it means when you talk to yourself like this. Robin said maybe it means you're stupid," according to MF.

"Shuli said he has a book he takes notes in and he thinks he's recapping. Bobo was critiquing himself. Howard said this is fascinating. Howard said he's not going to hang up."

Bobo continued to call himself a genius, praise his own IQ score of 89 and continued on until he finally picked up the phone again.

He admitted that he was talking to himself and when Shuli Egar asked him if he was writing in his notebook, Bobo confirmed that as well. The comedy really never ends on the Stern Show.