Howard Stern Wack Packer Bobo is Back to Periscope After Being Banned

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While most of the Stern Show SiriusXM listeners might agree that Bobo is the most boring caller, things got a bit more exciting after Howard Stern revealed Bobo was back to Periscope.

Stern thought he banned from doing Periscope shows just out of how boring the shows were, however, it looks like Bobo returned and now he is issuing safety tips on his Periscope shows.

It was also revealed that Bobo goes on rants and clowns Jeff The Drunk according to MarksFriggin's rundown.

"Howard said it's like battle of the boring stars. Howard said it's horrible. Howard said these things go on and on and on," according to MF.

The safety tips are mostly around driving and all of the Stern Show listeners were forced to hear Bobo explain the difference between a blind spot and a dead zone. Apparently some people find Bobo's classes entertaining but all of the safety tips fun was drowned out by an appearance of Bobo's toupee. The crew clowned Bobo on his hairpiece and his new thinned out mustache.

These types of segment really has to lead you to think about what the Wack Packers would do if Stern decided not to resign with SiriusXM. We already had a taste of no more Bobo with the Bobo ban earlier this summer.