Howard Stern Talks Sean Penn and El Chapo

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The media is having a field day with the Rollingstone article penned by Sean Penn, which revealed an interview Penn had with recently captured drug lord El Chapo.

Howard Stern weighed in on the article on the SiriusXM radio show and had some pretty hilarious comments.

Stern initiated the El Chapo talk by asking Robin Quivers to give her thoughts on the entire thing. Quivers seemed to find the entire situation amusing.

Stern added that El Chapo resembled Stuttering John and he was still unsure about the whole thing. To continue on the comedic side of things Stern cracked a joke about Mickey Rourke interviewing the head of ISIS.

"Howard said he's not sure if he can be mad at Sean Penn for doing it," according to MarksFriggin.

The Rollingstone article is quite lengthy and detailed and was said to have been written as El Chapo wanted to make a movie of his life of drug trafficking and murder. It seems as if Stern was overall perplexed by the situation and didn't quite know if he should call Penn a hero or not.

Quivers revealed earlier on in the conversation that Penn had nothing to do with the arrest of El Chapo so Penn remains just an actor.