Howard Stern Talks Michael Rapaport's Baba Booey Parody & the Booey 100 Labor Day Special

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As the 25th Anniversary of Baba Booey approaches, Howard Stern talked a bit about the upcoming Labor Day special "Booey 100" and a recent "Rapaport's Delight" parody song that Michael Rapaport recorded while he visited the Stern Show last week.

(Music Video Below)

Rapaport is a known Hip-Hop enthusiast and according to Howard Stern, he recorded the "Rapaport Delight" song parody to help the Stern crew celebrate 25 years of Baba Booey.

The song features a catchy and difficult chorus as Rapaport explicitly talks about winning the Fantasy Football league and what the rest of his opponents will have to do once he does.

"Howard said he has something wonderful going on in their world," according to MarksFriggin.

Earlier on in the show, Stern said it's the 25th anniversary of Baba Booey and they have a special starting on Friday night, according to the rundown.

"Howard said it'll be each weekend through Labor Day. Howard said on Labor Day they're turning Howard 100 into Booey 100. Howard said it's nothing but Baba Booey songs all day long."

Stern played a few of the Baba Booey tracks for his audience who might be highly anticipating the event. What's your favorite Baba Booey song? Let us know in the comments below.

Watch Michael Rapaport perform his Baba Booey parody song below.