Howard Stern Talks His Panic Attacks, Pope Francis Coverage & Raves About 'Gotham'

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The Howard Stern show was much more subdued today and early on Stern revealed that he was still seeing a shrink and having panic attacks.

However, things did lighten up when he began talking about the Pope Francis coverage surround the U.S. visit.

The Stern Show kicked off with a discussion about Stern's visit with a shrink yesterday. Stern revealed that he was still having panic attacks which isn't the first time he's discussed personal anxiety and panic attacks.

"He said his shrink is helping a lot with that. Howard said it's good he talked to the guy," according to MarksFriggin.

"Robin asked if it was America's Got Talent that did it to him. Howard said it's not America's Got Talent that sent him into a panic. He said it's deeper than that.Howard said he had a bunch of meetings there.

He said he went home and sketched a picture of a kitten. Robin said she saw that on Facebook. Howard said he feels better when he draws sometimes."

After briefly letting fans in on his struggle with anxiety and panic attacks Stern talked about another way he was able to escape it. Stern said he started watching Gotham and praised the show for being "well done."

"He said the girl who plays Commissioner Gordon's girlfriend is so hot too. Howard said she's ridiculously hot. Howard said he really likes her," according to the rundown of the show.

Stern is referring to Erin Richards who plays Barbara Kean, commissioner Gordon's girlfriend.

Like most of the world Stern was attentive to the coverage on Pope Francis' visit to the U.S. and said that the Pope does things to make you think the church doesn't have money, according to MarksFriggin.

He referenced the Pope carrying his own suitcase.

"Howard said the Pope put on a show yesterday and he watched some of it. He said it was like a half hour show.

Howard said the plane door is shut and you wait for the Pope to come out," according to the report.

"Howard said 5 minutes goes by then 10 minutes goes by. Howard said about 15 minutes in he wondered what's wrong with him.

He said this is just a dude wearing a dress and a cape with a yarmulke. Howard said a lot of people are really fed up with the pomp and circumstance of the church."

Stern even said that her heard they were hiding the homeless in Harlem during the Pope's visit, and went further to say they should do that everyday.

Following those statements Robin Quivers pointed out all of the Pope memorabilia as they chuckled about Pope bobble-heads, mugs glasses and more. You've got to love the Stern Show.