Howard Stern Talks High Pitch Eric's Periscope & DC Police Officer Ticket Offer

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The new phenomenon going around is a streaming site call Periscope and as we mentioned last week when High Pitch Eric checked in with Howard Stern's SiriusXM show, Eric seems to be a fan of the platform but Stern isn't a fan of the way Eric is using it, like begging for Yankees tickets.

"Howard said High Pitch Eric is doing the Periscope thing," according to MarksFriggin.

"Howard said now he's begging for tickets and things. Howard said he's trying to get more free stuff with this app."

Stern rehashed an episode of High Pitch Eric's Periscope where it seemed as if he was begging for New York Yankees tickets. The site allows people to stream their own episodes for 24 hours before the "shows" are deleted. It's been used by celebrities like Wiz Khalifa and now Eric has gotten his hands on it.

Eric almost got his wish for the Yankees tickets granted by a police officer from Washington, DC but when they couldn't come to an agreement on the seats High Pitch Eric wanted ($600 seats), Eric was out of luck once more.

Yet another High Pitch Eric mention on Howard Stern's radio show but when will his Donnie Wahlberg ban expire?