Howard Stern Talks About His New York Times Article

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With so many years logged in radio, Howard Stern has pretty much mastered the art of interviews.

His ability to create compelling interviews and get celebrities to become incredibly vulnerable and honest was highlighted in a recent New York Times feature, that Stern addressed during his SiriusXM radio show.

"Howard said he had to suck it up for the photos for the NY Times article," according to MarksFriggin's rundown.

"Howard asked where he was with that. Robin reminded him. Howard said he didn't want to be interviewed anymore.

Howard said they were going to do it with or without him. Howard said he agreed to go with it. He said he hadn't heard about the article so he thought it wasn't going to appear."

Stern originally did not want to be photographed for the piece but the publication really wanted new photos so they sent a photographer out. At the time, Stern had not read the article and was hoping that it was good.

A listener called into the show to reassure him that the article was good and that the publication did a great job with it.

It was filled with amazing quotes but we believe the one below shows why Stern is so good at his job.

"If someone comes in and the audience feels like 'Oh my god, I love this person,' they will want to see their movie," he said, according to the New York Times feature.

"It's a strange thing to say to someone trained in P.R., but it's the God's honest truth.

If someone has an hour to sit and talk about their life and at the end they say, 'By the way, that's what brought me to this movie, or to write this book,' it's such a powerful vehicle for promotion."

Stern is seriously in a league of his own and he is continuing to transform the way we listen to radio. He has also teased a multimedia platform, though, it does not have a tentative release date.