Howard Stern Shares His Thoughts On Melania Trump Defending Her Husband

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It looks like Howard Stern isn't buying Melania Trump's justification for her husband, Donald's "locker room talk" scandal. In fact, Stern said he believed that Melania is making Trump look bad by blaming Billy Bush for the fiasco.

During his SiriusXM radio show, Stern was playing clips of what Melania said and practically said that Melania isn't make Trump seem intelligent at all.

"Howard said that makes Donald look bad when you say that. Howard said it makes him look like a zombie," according to a MarksFriggin rundown.

"Howard asked if you really believe that he can get Donald to say the stuff that he said on the show. Howard said if that's the case then how can he be President if he's that gullible."

Stern continued to say that Melania's defense makes Trump seem so dumb that he can be tricked into saying anything and they should probably cut it out. Meanwhile, Robin Quivers joked that Donald Trump was living the life of a guy from Modern Family.

She said that he had a wife that could barely speak the language.

Quivers is referring to Ed O'Neill's character, Jay, who is married to Sofia Vergara's Character, Gloria. So, it looks like the Stern Show crew isn't buy what Melania Trump is selling.

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