Howard Stern Shares His Thoughts On The 2016 Election

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Like plenty of Americans, last night, Howard Stern couldn't sleep before he knew who the next President of the U.S. was going to be.

He addressed his restlessness and shared some thoughts on the 2016 Election results that are quite possibly the most controversial in U.S. history.

"Howard said he was curious about what will happen. Howard said he thought he'd find out last night. Robin said she kept tuning out because it was too nerve wracking for her," according to MarksFriggin.

"She said she'd watch something that wasn't election for 15-20 minutes. Howard said he was doing the same thing and reading too. He said he just wasn't able to fall asleep."

Stern congratulated Donald Trump on winning the 2016 Election, while also noting that the pot smokers won big as well. Nevada, California and Massachusetts all legalized the recreational use of marijuana.

"Howard said now they say that Hillary is ahead in the popular vote. Robin said that happens all the time," according to MF.

"Robin said we have this thing called the electoral college. Howard said oddly enough a lot of people who voted for Trump didn't go to college."

Election Day was pretty big on the Stern Show and now given the result of, Brent has some waxing to do down below.

Stern told his listeners and staff that he is curious to see if Trump will let Japan and South Korea have nuclear weapons and whether or not he will follow through with building a wall.

"Howard wondered if he'll build the wall, round up illegal aliens and throw them out of the country and if there will be a ban on Muslims," according to MF.

"Howard said there's also the war on ISIS. Howard said they have to see if Melania becomes very conservative too. Robin said she will become conservative. Howard sounded bummed about that."

Stern seemed surprised but is quite curious to see what Donald Trump will do with his presidency. Who knows what the future of the U.S. will be, however, the Stern Show is still going to be there to cheer you up.

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