Howard Stern Raves About 'Deadpool'

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It looks like Howard Stern is in full support of the record breaking Deadpool film as he shared his thoughts on the film on the SiriusXM Stern show.

The Green Lantern film that Ryan Reynolds was a part of has become a mockery.

Even Reynolds makes fun of the film both off and on-screen if you've seen the latest Deadpool film. Stern revealed that he is also a fan of the movie that had record breaking numbers at the box office.

"Howard said he saw Deadpool and he loved it. Howard said Ryan Reynolds came off poorly in Green Lantern but he liked Deadpool," according to MarksFriggin.

"Howard said after he saw it he was going to call into this channel to talk about how good it is.

Howard said they don't need his help though. Robin said it's about to become the highest grossing R rated movie in history."

The character of Deadpool seems like someone that Stern would relate to. He's a smart ass mercenary with tons of punchlines and acts as a sort of enigma in the Marvel Universe.

The film has gotten the Howard Stern seal of approval.

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