Howard Stern Raves About David Spade's 'Almost Interesting: The Memoir'

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Comedian David Spade visited the Howard Stern SiriusXM radio show to push his "Almost Interesting: The Memoir" book and talk about his run-in with a Victoria's Secret model.

Stern kicked off the interview by raving about "Almost Interesting: The Memoir".

He said that it was a "terrific" book and that he had written to Spade to let him know about it, according to MarksFriggin.

That's before they dove into a pretty funny story about Spade having to show up at a Victoria's Secret party.

"David said he held up a penny and took a picture of the penny with the chick behind it. He said he tweeted that out," according to he report.

"Howard said then the girl contacts him on the Twitter account. David said she claimed to have heard about it. He said she direct messaged him.

Howard said David thinks that it's the girl in the photo.

David said he went on her web site and said thanks for that. He said she asked if he was coming to this party she was going to be at."

He proceeded to the party and when he got there the P.R. rep introduced himself to Spade and asked him to say hello to the model.

It turns out that the person who contacted him on Twitter was using a fake profile and things were pretty awkward when he finally met the woman because she had no idea what had happened.

"He said everything went in slow motion for him. He said he didn't see that coming," according to MF.

"He said Miranda Kerr was there and he got to sit with her. He said that he couldn't even focus on that.

David said they had a fake Twitter account and it wasn't this girl. He said he told Miranda about what happened and she felt bad."

Spade and Stern dove a little deeper into the book where Spade talks about his father ditching he and his family, his step-dad killing himself and his lack of "game" back then.

He also talked about one of his first sexual experiences and a both hilarious and sad story about buying a car.

"He got paid $2,500 a week for 10 weeks. David said that he was ad-libbing things for the movie as a skate boarder," according to MF.

"He said he didn't tell anyone he can't act.

He said then he gets back and gets offered a TV show. He said he had money for a car so he bought a Honda Accord and it got stolen with an hour of driving to the Improv."

As most of his visits to the Stern Show, you always learn something new about Spade, this interview was no different. It was another entertaining appearance from one of comedy's heroes.