Howard Stern Plays F, Marry Kill with David Arquette

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Today Howard Stern managed to get one of his friends, David Arquette on the phone for a hilarious game of F, Marry, Kill.

"Howard got David Arquette on the phone and asked him to do an F, Marry, Kill. He gave him Caitlyn Jenner, Tan Mom and Nicole Bass," according to MarksFriggin.

"David said he'd marry Caitlyn. Howard said that David has a sister who is transgender. Howard asked if it's tough for a family to get used to that. David said getting used to saying he, she and all of that is tough.

He said his sister is dressing more like a dude now. Howard said she was transgender when not many people were.

Howard said she's now a woman who is dressing like a man. David said Alexis says she wants to be 'gender suspicious.' David asked what he's supposed to call her and she says it depends on how she's dressed."

Arquette then told a story of getting beat up because his sister Alexis is transgendered. He said that the guy bullying his sister beat up on most of the family and that it looked like a whole football team had beat them up, according to MF.

When stern asked Arquette if he believed it was tough on Jenner while he went through the transition. Arquette did say that it was probably hard for Jenner and that he should have reached out more.

"David said he's doing a play called Sherlock. He said that he's playing Sherlock Holmes," according to MF.

"He said he has a pipe. He said it's a comedic take on it. Howard asked why it's in Canada. David said they'd love to go to Broadway.

He said they did 6 shows in L.A. He said they'll open in Toronto. Howard said if it's really good then they'll bring it to Broadway. David said they go to Chicago and DC first."

Stern had to be reminded about the game and he finished it off for Arquette. Stern said he couldn't get past Caitlyn being a guy in the past and that he would marry Nicole and f**k Tan Mom, according to the report.

At least now we know where Stern stands when it comes to Caitlyn Jenner, Tan Mom and Nicole Bass.