Howard Stern Personality Mick The Nerd Admits To Peeing Himself Over Video Games

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For fans who loved Mick The Nerd's first appearance on Howard Sterns SiriusXM radio show, they were in for a treat as Stern played clips of Mick and Wolfie's conversation which including Mick admitting to peeing himself while playing video games.

During today's show, Stern played a clip that featured Mick talking about how he has peed himself playing a video game, according to a MarksFriggin report.

"He said he was just so into it that he didn't get up to go.

He also talked about playing a game for 15 hours straight. He said he played Sly Cooper 4 all the way through without taking a break," according to the report.

"Howard said they're putting the money together to do a Win Fred's Money-like game with Mick the Nerd. Howard said that Mick can make some money in that too. Howard said that should be good."

Things got even funnier when Stern played a clip of Mick The Nerd interacting with a woman at one of the game-cons and it literally took so many turns for the worst.

"In the clip Mick was talking about the Kirby character and he asked her what her relationship status is," reported MarksFriggin.

"She said she's engaged to games. Mick said that he constantly counts his teeth and there are 28."

Funny enough Stern said after that comment the woman walked away from Mick who, Stern thinks isn't a bad looking guy. The guys begin discussing Mick's beard and Robin Quivers pointed out that anyone with a beard like that needs to have money as well.

It was also revealed that Mick's beard is only shaved once a year.

Wolfie said the date that Mick shaves is January 1 and also discussed the beard being shaved on the show, which hints to a possibility Mick doing so live on the show as long as they are on air live on that date.

Did you enjoy the Mick The Nerd clips?