Howard Stern Goofs Tony Awards With Mocking Musicals

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Today on the Howard Stern show fans were treated to his musical delights as he goofed the Tony Awards which aired on Sunday June 7, featuring guests like Vanessa Hudgens, Helen Mirren and more.

While Stern admitted to trying to watch the Tony Awards last night while Robin Quivers admitted to tuning in only to find a little girl singing.

Stern has often joked about how easy it could be to write a musical on his show and today played a little more fun on the subject by breaking into song throughout the feature.

"Howard said his kids were always into the show tunes," according to MarksFriggin.

"He said the songs just don't seem real to him. Howard played a clip of a fake show tune where someone was singing about how they do that."

Along with some more playful singing about doing his Monday morning radio show, Stern also used Caitlyn Jenner as inspiration for one of his songs.

The song definitely addressed Jenner's transition but if you know Stern than you know he's supportive of Caitlyn Jenner and even tuned into the special in April according to his Twitter post.

"Howard said Caitlyn is courageous in a way," according to MarksFriggin. In his discussion on Caitlyn Jenner, Stern noted that Bruce Jenner was worth about 100 million as Bruce and got $40,000 speaking fees on most of his motivational events.

Stern commended Jenner by saying that the fact that he came out in front of the world at the age of 65 to admit he wanted to be a woman... is brave.

Interestingly enough, Stern also commented on a clip of someone talking about the lack of "black people" at the Tony Awards.

To this he said, "maybe they were at the Hot 97 Summer Jam concert." When Quivers let him know that Chris Brown was at the concert, he joked about not being surprised that there was violence at Summer Jam after mentioning the bottles being thrown at cops during the concert.