Howard Stern Disses YouTuber Pewdiepie & Podcasters

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While Howard Stern is known for being a hip and in the now personality, the SiriusXM radio host of the Stern Show may have come across as a little dated when he dissed YouTube gamer PewDiePie along with podcasters as he believes there is no lucrative aspect to what they do.

Stern is known for ranting about how much he doesn't believe in podcasts and Jeff Jarvis pointed it out during yesterday's show, according to MarksFriggin. Stern said that while he's not against podcasts, he doesn't believe you can make a living with them.

He asserts that they could serve a more instructional purpose more than anything else. Podcasts then spiraled into discussion of YouTube personality PewDiePie (Felix Kjellberg), who has already posted a video to defend his $7 million annual income.

"Howard said he went to satellite and made a very good living," according to MarksFriggin.

"He said he did that after broadcasting. Howard said they have like 27 or 28 million subscribers there. Jeff said not everyone can be Howard. Jeff said he was at Bit-Con recently and he was talking to a guy named PewDiePie who is making millions.

He said that he does some things on the Twit Network himself and Leo Laporte is making millions a year too. Howard said he doesn't believe it.

Howard said Jeff is the only guy who has heard of these people. Jeff said YouTube has podcasts who have over 10 million subscribers."

Stern went as far as to say that no one has ever heard of Pewdiepie, despite the YouTuber's success and incredibly large following of over 38.3 million subscribers on YouTube.

"Howard said that he's making 8 million but there are real broadcasters who aren't making that kind of money," according to MarksFriggin.

"Howard said it's fine to do a podcast. He said it's like college radio.

Howard said to make a living you have to go out and get a mass audience and it's not going to happen with a podcast. Howard said he has never heard of Pewdiepie."

Stern did say that people do in fact know his name which might also have increased since his time on "America's Got Talent."

"Howard said they have 9 million shows on satellite and if you take his name out of it then you've never heard of anyone."

Stern does plan on giving up his contract with "America's Got Talent," however, his assessment of how lucrative YouTube and Podcasts could be is a pretty underweighted.

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