Howard Stern Contemplates The Future Of His Show, Talks Retirement

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It would be pretty hard to contemplate not hearing Howard Stern in the morning for many of his fans and this morning he began the show by contemplating the future and joked about joining the jobless.

"Howard started the show talking about how he's been contemplating the future," according to MarksFriggin. "He said he's not sure if they'll be there next year."

Stern continued by saying that a lot goes through his mind and how nice it would be to live the jobless life and play a little Xbox.

There has been talk about Stern following a path away from Sirius Radio in the past but it was later shot down by the man himself.

After years of being on the radio show and then making his move to "America's Got Talent" it seems pretty fitting that Stern might have earned some time away from the radio show.

The ones who would suffer the most if Stern ever decided to leave would be his faithful listeners. Robin Quivers weighed in on the situation by saying that the future is entirely in his hands.

"He said the alarm went off this morning and he thought about how guys his age slow down," according to MarksFriggin. "Howard said then 10 minutes later it wasn't so bad.

Howard said it defines who he is. He said that he might work a couple more years."

Stern seemed to be struggling with an inner debate on whether or not he's really going to stop the show in a couple years or not and invited Sal Governale to weigh in. He asked if he'd be ready should Stern decide to call it quits.

Governale said that it's been great working with him and he's not ready. Then a debate came on between Governale and Stern.

"Howard said part of his problem is that he has guys like Sal who have done zero planning," reported MarksFriggin.

"Howard said it's like 'f**k you.' Sal said he has no obligations to him. Howard said that Sal is living an unrealistic life."

Stern continued by stating that there is no job that lasts 10 years in radio and what they've done isn't normal. Stern even says that Governale didn't plan ahead despite his warning.

Governale offered a rebuttal saying he's in a better position than he was five years ago, including that he's put 15 percent of his money into his kid's college fund. If Stern retires Governale plans to get a job somewhere else.

While he never really said confirmed that he would retire it's made clear that it's in the back of his mind. Do you think Stern will retire in the near future?