Howard Stern Checks In With Wolfie and Mick The Nerd on Retro-Con

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It looks like Stern Show Wack Packer, Mick the Nerd is back as Wolfie checked in with Howard Stern on his SiriusXM show and recapped the Retro-Con experience.

Stern's update with Wolfie didn't go too well at first because Stern called Retro-Con another event that should be called "Loser Con" according to a MarksFriggin rundown of the show. Stern also said that the guys are depressing because they still live at home and are consumed in a comic book world.

Wolfie took the trip to Retro-Con with a more recent member of the Wack Pack, Mick The Nerd.

"Mick likes to talk about gardening according to Wolfie so that's why he mentioned tomatoes in that clip," according to MF.

The segment was pretty funny and Stern had a few clips where Mick The Nerd tried to name characters from Star Trek in 30 seconds, according to the rundown of the show. Stern mentioned that Ralph has a girlfriend but when she saw all of his toys she ran out.

Mick The Nerd hasn't been on the show too frequently but his stories and escapades with Wolfie always makes for some pretty entertaining clips on the Stern Show.