Howard Stern Chats With Jeff The Drunk About Periscope, Trailer & More

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If you didn't get enough of the Jeff The Drunk talk on yesterday's Howard Stern SiriusXM radio show, today fans are getting a double dose. The Stern Show crew covered everything from Jeff The Drunk's Periscope to his health.

After announcing the death of Crackhead Bob yesterday on the show, Stern said he fears that High Pitch Eric or Jeff The Drunk could be next. There are plenty of members from the Wack Pack left but lately it seems like the group has been shrinking.

Stern attributed his words to the fact that Jeff still has a pretty horrible cough due to his continuous smoking.

"Howard said he wishes he'd stop smoking," according to MarksFriggin.

"Howard said Jeff has to stop smoking. Jeff said okay he will do that for him."

Stern brought in The Lump of course, and after some goofing around, the team started talking about Jeff's screenshot in which he exposed his private area. The crew asked him provate questions such as his length but didn't spend much more time on the subject.

They did however, spend a good amount of time discussing his trailer. According to the show Jeff has four satellite dishes on his trailer.

"Jeff said he has 4 because he had DirecTV. Then he had Dish TV. He got some other company for his internet. Howard said it would be great if his roof collapsed from the weight of the dishes," according to MF.

The crew continued to clown Jeff and his trailer and how others in the area are scared of him. However, Jeff The Drunk also revealed that his Trailer has three bedrooms and two bathrooms.

Pretty extravagant if you ask us. Overall, the call went pretty much as any Stern Show fan would expect.