Howard Stern and Wendy the Slow Adult Discuss Her Gambling Addiction

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Yesterday Howard Stern mentioned that Wendy the Slow Adult and Shuli Egar were on a road trip and today, fans got to hear how it went.

However, the first order of business with Wendy on the Stern Show was the discussion of her gambling addiction.

There is not telling why Wendy the Slow Adult came to the Stern Show dressed as Freddy Krueger, though Stern told her she looked just like him when she walked into the studio. Prior to her entrance, Egar told Stern that he had seen people who are addicted to gambling and that Wendy was definitely one of them.

He also said that she carried around a ton of cash with her. So, Stern had them bring her in.

"He said they're going to play some tapes of her but he wants to talk to her about her addiction to gambling," according to MarksFriggin.

"Howard asked if she knows what that means. Wendy said she does. She said it's like when you buy something and you scratch it."

Stern then asked Wendy where she got the money from and she told him that most of it came from her mom and she has some extra cash too. She also revealed that she would ask people for spare change or a dollar.

However, when it's time to buy the tickets, burritos come first. She told Stern that she buys a burrito first then proceeds to buy some tickets.

"Wendy said they don't know that she's half retarded. She said she's mostly lucky. Wendy said last month she won $1000 on a ticket," according to MF.

"Howard said she's probably spent 10,000 though. Shuli said they have vending machines though. He said you can buy them from the machine."

Stern urged Wendy to stop gambling her money away. Meanwhile, during her time on the Stern Show, the crew also talked about the trip she took with Egar and her mother which made for some pretty entertaining radio.