Howard Stern and Howie Mandel are at it Again Over Periscope

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Last week and weeks prior to that Howard Stern made his distaste for Howie Mandel's excessive use of Periscope known and even after warning from Stern, it looks like Mandel continued to annoy Stern during "America's Got Talent."

Stern says that despite Mandel knowing that Stern doesn't like the use of Periscope during "America's Got Talent" and more so his constant use of it around Stern, he continued to use it during last weeks live shows, according to MarksFriggin.

"Howard said Howie was behind him announcing he had his Periscope on and he's treating him like he did with Piers Morgan," according to the report.

"Howard said he got pissed and said he was going to shove the phone up his ass. He shoved the phone out of his hand.

Howard said he told him next time it's going up his ass.

Howard said he is in the middle of a live broadcast and he's not sure why NBC is allowing that. Howard said he's not there to play f**king games."

Stern was reluctant to promote the encounter but did play a clip of it on air during his SiriusXM radio show.

"In the clip you can hear Howard telling Howie he's going to shove that phone up his ass. Howie said he'd turn it off but Howard knocked it from his hand," according to MarksFriggin.

Stern said that Mandel still felt as if he was joking but he really wasn't. It would be interesting to see if this escalates into something bigger with just three shows remaining because prior to all of the Periscope activity things seemed pretty good between the two.

However, last week Stern announced that he's have trouble with anxiety and Mandel wasn't helping with the Periscoping.