How to Save Money Roadtripping for Thanksgiving

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Huge numbers of people go on road trips during Thanksgiving. However, taking a trip can be quite the opposite of helpful to your wallet.

This doesn’t have to be the case if you do a little planning and you’re willing to go that extra mile to see something new or catch a break.

There are a number of ways of cutting down on the costs of taking a road trip and making it fun, memorable, and not break the bank.

The most important is to remember that there is only so much you can do about the price of gasoline - but that you can control how much you use. There are a host of websites that will tell you the best ways to squeeze every last drop out of your tank and prevent you from needlessly burning fuel in your quest to relaxation. Simple things like maintaining a high enough pressure in your tires and not speeding (55 mph is the optimum speed for fuel economy) will get you farther.

Avoiding the pitfalls of idling needlessly as well as accelerating and braking excessively and roughly will also cause you to lose additional miles that you could better spend on the open road.

In fact, try to plan your trip on a highway and avoid urban areas. A constant speed will allow you to maximize your fuel economy without making your trip miserable.

Another great tip is to keep in mind food depending on how long of a road trip you’re making. While en route you can save tremendous amounts of money by preparing a cooler with food and snacks for you to eat along your journey. Don’t be discouraged from being food that needs to be warmed up either! When you stop to fill your tank (an unfortunate inevitability) you can use the microwave that is often provided to be able to warm up some leftovers.

This can often be a healthier and certainly more cost-effective way to get from point A to B without breaking your budget. Better to save those hard-earned dollars on some culinary treats or experiences when you’ve arrived at your destination than to waste the money on cheap fast food alternatives that you can have just about everywhere.

Even if you only have drinks with you the markup difference between a retail outlet and a gas station is remarkable. Save money by planning ahead.

By reducing the costs of travel itself and taking some time to prep meals and/or treats you can often reduce the cost (and inconvenience) of a road trip. It isn’t always easy or obvious, however, there are always options that won’t make your trip a nightmare or cut into your standard of living.

Everyone can use a break sometime and it’s never a bad idea to keep that in mind. Often, the only thing preventing ourselves from making these little trips is not allowing ourselves the time to think them through.

Bob M ~