How Much Does It Cost Mariah Carey To Be Mariah Carey?: Photographer Lawsuit

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The ladies of "The Talk" weighed in on Mariah Carey's nearly $85,000 charge to look as glamorous as she does in her photos.

According to it costs $65,391 for her stylist, $9,600 for her hair stylist, $7,200 for her make-up artist and $2,400 for a manicurist.

"It all came out in a shocking lawsuit, in which a photographer is suing Mariah's record label," reported, "claiming he prepped a photo shoot for the singer's album cover and it was cancelled for no reason."

At least those who want to look like Carey knows how much they need to save up in order to look like the major R&B star.

The question is if it cost her that much for a simple photoshoot, what does it cost for Carey to get ready before TV appearances or live concerts?

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