How to Make Your Baby Freak Out, Introduce Them to the Cat

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Not everyone is a cat person or an animal person for that matter.

Sometimes it's because they're allergic but other times it's just because they were never surrounded by a cuddly animal. Well, one baby was happy to meet her furry friend, well, happy might be an understatement.

(Video Below)

The video was found on Reddit where all things viral normally end or begin. It was originally posted to the Merkley Family's Official YouTube Page. Where they have shared more than one video of their little daughter.

"She's incapable of controlling her limbs when her kitty is around. The obsession grows every day," according to the caption of the video.

"Ps. That's a sleep sack she's in. Not a starfish outfit. Although I wish I were cool enough to dress my daughter in a starfish outfit."

The little one was quietly enjoying the sights around her in the sleep sack (somehow starfish outfit seems so much cooler) when her mother brought the cat in to get the two acquainted. As soon as she saw the kitty she began freaking out with what seemed like pure natural excitement.

You can't buy a reaction like this anywhere, we tried, it's not possible. Check out the awesome reaction below.

Check out the awesome video below.