'How To Get Away With Murder' Winter Finale Fan Reactions: Who Killed Sam?

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Thursday night's epic winter finale for "How To Get Away With Murder" left fans with their jaws on the floor--and their words on Twitter.

And anybody who is anyone who watches Shondaland went CRAZY, because plot twists. In light of all the fan craze around who killed Sam, Empty Lighthouse asked you who you think the murderer was with this poll.

Top suspicions around the Internet surrounded Bonnie Winterbottom, but obviously our readers instincts are on POINT, and Wes was voted as the most-likely-murderer. (No, it wasn't zombie Lila Stangard. Clearly I need to check my murder game.)

If you need a refresher on what happened, check out Empty Lighthouse's live recap, or read this three sentence synopsis: S**t went down. Wes killed Sam. Annalise totally knows.

Here are some of the best fan reactions from the most killer show on television right now: