'How to Get Away with Murder' Ep. 2 Recap: Secrets Galore

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Tonight's new "How to Get Away With Murder" brought more conflicts for Annalise both in and out of the class and courtroom, while Wes harbored some secrets of his own on the night of the murder.

Last week a student from Middleton University was found dead, and tonight Annalise had to balance defending a millionaire accused of murdering his second wife while also wondering if her husband had anything to do with the disappearance.

Last week also revealed that it was her husband, Sam, was the murder victim that Annalise's students were disposing of in the woods.

Annalise asked her students in class that do they really know the people with they are associated with in their lives. The students and her took on the grisly murder case, and their first step was visiting the crime scene, which was left untouched.

Things got creepy as Connor volunteered to play the role of the murdered wife as the millionaire acted out seemingly exactly how he killed his wife with the 16 stab wounds.

Later during research the other students got suspicious of why Wes was offered a job when he hasn't proven himself yet.

After Annalise taught them defense attorney skills that applied to the case, each student used their skills and wits to gain valuable information for their support. Their case hit a snag right in the middle when it was revealed in court when their client was acquitted after the case of murdering his first wife in Switzerland. The team struggled to come up with a reasonable explanation for their case before Laurel came up with a wise strategy.

In the courtroom they used his hunting background to talk about how he killed his first wife, and the differences in the two murderers made it clear that there was no way he had killed both women.

The millionaire was fond not guilty, and it was his daughter that murdered his second wife.

The case of the murdered student, Lila Stangard, has opened up and the primary suspect is her boyfriend, whom Wes saw in his neighbor's apartment the night the body was found. Annalise suspects that Sam was having an affair with the murdered student, who was in his class.

She confronted him at their home while the students were in the other room.

He denied all of her accusations, obviously, but it was revealed that he had been unfaithful in the past. In a desperate plea Annalise went to Detective Lahey to help her find out more about Sam's involvement with Lila.

Flash-forward to the night of the murder, and Wes seemed to take charge the situation, and that he had some secrets of his own. He bought a prepaid phone and made a secret phone call to someone, promising to protect them.

Wes visited the person on the other end of that call and he visited her at a motel: Rebecca.

Earlier, however, Rebecca was arrested for her potential involvement in Stangard's murder, along with selling narcotics. Wes uncovered her secret phone, and who knows what sort of information is stored inside it.

The next episode of "How to Get Away With Murder" airs Thursday, Oct. 9th at 10 p.m. on ABC.