'How To Get Away With Murder' Recap: 'We're Good People Now' Season 3 Premiere

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It's the return of ABC's "How To Get Away With Murder." Wes' newly found father died before his eyes at the end of last season.

Finding the answer for that and keeping a lid on all of their own murders might prove trying in "We're Good People Now," the premiere episode of season three.

A new school year is starting for Wes, Laurel, Connor, Michaela, and Asher.

The last years events have left them with more baggage than they know what to do with. Annalise has to juggle a case that could damage the campus's public image and figuring out what to do with Frank.

The season picks up right where the last one left off. Wes is in the police office being questioned about the murder he was witness to. Annalise picks him up when he's done and she asks him what Frank told him. Frank helped Wes find his father, going so far as to drop him off in front of his father's workplace.

After the shooting, Frank left Wes at the scene. She tells him to get out of the car.

They walk into the woods to release anger in the form of screaming into the night. Frank has shaved off all his hair so that he may disappear into the night.

It's the first day back at school and the Keating 5 is already flocking together. Another classmate, Derek, insinuates that they're only in the class because of Annalise.

She comes into the classroom and when she draws up a screen there's a picture of her with the word killer underneath. Annalise handles it quickly and moves on with the lesson.

After class, the Keating 5 confront Annalise about the picture. She reassures them that it's nothing and reminds them that they're good people now. At home, Annalise locks herself in her room. she gets out a hidden phone and starts texting someone for an update.

A flashback to May reveals Laurel coming to talk to Annalise while she's gardening. Annalise wants to know where her allegiance is between her and Frank.

Laurel confirms it's her. Back in the present, though, Laurel calls to talk to his voicemail.

Laurel goes to visit the client. While talking he demands she turn off her recording so he can tell her why he won't play the discrimination card. All the students are explaining their ideas to get their client off.

Laurel bursts in to say that the pot was the client's daughter. Annalise rejects it and goes with Wes's idea.

He gets first chair and Derek is his second. After class, Annalise and the Keating 5 find more of the posters around campus.

Connor's hanging out in his roof pool in July when Annalise visits him. She's come to check on him and he wants to make sure that she doesn't allow Oliver to work for her. She says she won't hire him but really she hired him to update her cyber security.

To be fair, she did reject his first offer but he makes himself clear that he can be bad. The Keating 5 plus Oliver and partying it up when Asher makes it awkward. Wes leaves early to work on the case.

Annalise confides in Nate about the flyers. He's worried but she persuades him that it isn't serious. In July, Asher goes to visit Annalise for a loan for school since his mom's cut him off. She tells him to get a job.

Asher and Michaela are hooking up when his new job as an RA gets in the way. Michaela sees his notes, gets an idea off of them and leaves.

At the beginning of the trial, Annalise tells Wes to enjoy the moment because he has nothing to lose. Michaela bursts in with a new lead, she gets to be second.

Annalise goes to get the charges changed while the others try to buy time during the case. She gets their just in time and the judge calls a recess. Annalise confronts Connor about how she's hiring Oliver.

She tells him about the deleted Stanford emails and promises to keep Oliver out of the way with busy work.

In August, Michaela calls Annalise when she gets into a car crash. Michaela yells at her but Annalise doesn't back down.

Back in the courtroom, the judge decides that the client will be deported. Wes avoids Laurel when she tries to speak with him after the case. Connor confronts Oliver about the Stanford emails.

He forgives him pretty quickly. Oliver is uncomfortable by the fact that Connor isn't mad and breaks up with him.

Back in August, Annalise went to go meet the new dean of the college. She tells her that she's removing Annalise from the Intro to Law class because her top 5 are in the bottom 10% in ranking. Bonnie comes to Annalise with the article the school newspaper wrote about the poster of her. Laurel goes to visit Wes at home to confront him about being a jerk.

Wes tells her it's because she reminds him of Frank too much. Annalise gets a message from whoever she hired to find Frank.

They've found him and wants to know what to do next. Before she can answer, Frank attacks the guy.

The scene skips to 2 months in the future. The police are wheeling out a dead body. Annalise demands to see who it is. Whoever it is they're someone she really cares for and her house is burning.

"We're Good People Now" held true to the "How To Get Away With Murder" formula of an interesting court case mixed with their every crumbling lives.

Keep watching to find out who's the killer this season and check out extra info on the official site.

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