'How to Get Away With Murder' Recap: 'There Are Things Worse Than Murder,' Season 3 Episode 2

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Last week, ABC's "How To Get Away With Murder" set us up with the big murder of the season.

"There Are Worse Things Than Murder" brings another clue to who might have died in the second episode of the third season.

The poster's about Annalise have got her in trouble and she fights with the university's board in order to keep her job.

While she's busy, Michaela, Asher, Connor, Wes, and Laurel consider a case of a woman who has been charged with killing her husband.

Annalise is being questioned by the police in front of her burning house. The police ask for her alibi and she starts to crack because it seems like she's the prime suspect, so far. Two months earlier, Nate is confronting Annalise about the nightmares she obviously had the night before.

She laughs it off as nothing to worry about. However, when Nate gets into the shower Annalise uses her burner phone. Frank picks up and confirm that he'd killed the investigator.

Annalise gets called into see the dean. They haven't found out who is responsible for the fliers. She runs into Wes on the way out and invites him to come live with her. He rejects her offer.

Laurel stops by Annalise's house to ask Bonnie about the Mahoney case. She wants to know if Wes is still a suspect and if Bonnie has heard from Frank.

When Annalise gets home she destroys the burner phone. The scene changes to Frank, who is setting up the investor's death to look like a car crash gone wrong. He finishes it off by lighting the car on fire.

Single life is awkward for Connor and Oliver. The rest of the Keating 5 are just being informed on their relationship status, most of them think it's Connor's fault. Laurel is concerned about the fliers. Annalise starts of class with the new case.

A woman who was physically and sexually abused by her husband before she killed him. They are fighting to get her off after spending 32 years in jail.

She's not proving to be helpful as they try to connect with her. She ends up choosing Connor to lead the case.

Wes thinks that Annalise asked him to move because she's worried Frank is putting up the fliers. He's only partially right but right nonetheless. Annalise goes to Nate to ask for help finding Frank.

He agrees. Meggie is looking at articles about Annalise and the fliers. He distracts her with ice cream.

Connor is having a hard time inspiring everyone to win the case. Michaela and Asher are working to find people to testify for their client. Asher wants to go public with their relationship but Michaela doesn't. Laurel and Wes go to talk to the dead husband's sister who keeps testifying against their client.

Connor goes to speak to their client.Laurel gets Oliver to do a background check on Meggie as one of the suspects for the fliers. Bonnie tells Annalise about Laurel calling Frank.

During the trial, the parole board's line of questioning makes Connor blow up.

Connor thinks he should be taken off the case for his blow up. Annalise tells him not to sweat it. She gets a call and leaves him. Michaela tells Asher exactly why they can never be a couple.

Nate has found Frank and he's keeping an eye out to make sure he doesn't come back. Wes catches Laurel looking into the Mahoney case.

He tells her to forget it because he wants to move on with his life.

Connor is trying to convince the client to speak the truth so he tells her he's a murderer. Annalise overhears him and she does not look happy.

Annalise yells at Connor for opening his mouth. The client finally takes about the abuse she suffered from her husband and why she killed him. Connor calls Oliver to distract him as the wait for the case to continue. Annalise confronts the husband's sister about the abuse she suffered from her brother.

She convinces the sister to forgo making a statement. Without it, they've won the case.

Annalise gets called into see the board to suspend her until they get to the bottom of the flier situation. She tells them that she will not go.

Connor kisses Oliver who then asks Connor to let him go for real. Bonnie takes Laurel out in order to convince her to stop calling Frank. Oliver goes to Michaela's and is the first to find out about Asher.

Wes brings a pizza over to Annalise's Laurel is leaving Frank another voicemail, this time a request from Annalise and Bonnie. Then they ask her to call her father.

Two months later, Oliver comes running through the crowd, thank gosh. She hands him a phone to wipe clean before she's cuffed and escorted into a police car.

"There Are Things Worse Than Murder" was a suspenseful episode filled with twists that always has one on the edge. "How to Get Away With Murder" continues to dangle the surprise death, at least one more cast member is safe.

Keep watching to find out who has been burned Thursdays at 10pm and check extras on the official site.

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