'How to Get Away With Murder' Recap: 'It's About Frank,' Season 3 Episode 5

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On ABC's "How to Get Away With Murder" the secret of who is under the sheet is close to being revealed. For now, other mysterious will be solved in "It's About Frank," the fifth episode of the third season.

A new development about the flyers leads Annalise one step closer to figuring out who put them up.

Frank's past comes back to give him trouble. Laurel and her baby have made it out of the fire, still new facts emerge.

Sam convinces Annalise to just go see Frank, even though she doesn't want to help him. Annalise makes a call to Bonnie to check up on her. She lies and says Frank is her sister. Annalise goes to an AA meeting and finds the college's president is attending as well.

A new professor has been hired to take ohave her digging ver for her. Bonnie tries to talk Frank into coming home with her.

She thinks that the truth will be able to fix their relationship. Annalise clears out her alcohol cabinet.

She finds an old bottle of jager from when she and Sam first moved into the house. While shaving, she remembers having a miscarriage. Thoughts of Sam, make her dig a bottle out of the trash. Dan's laptop has gone missing.

He blames the Keating 5 but Michaela puts him in his place when he tries to riffle through their belongings. Dinner with Meggy's father isn't going well, even worse when she catches him in a lie about how his mother died.

Annalise drunk calls Nate but he doesn't answer. Frank wants Bonnie to run away with him. He takes it back when she answers him with silence.

As Frank is trying to convince Sam that he's not worth helping, he starts crying. He feels guilty over attempting to kill his father. Bonnie wakes Frank from a nightmare. She lulls him back to sleep with plans for running away and sex. Laurel gets a text from Bonnie telling her that Frank is okay.

Wes visits Annalise. Michaela was the one who stole the laptop. She asked Oliver to hack it. He ended up finding that he was the one who made the flyers. Wes helps Annalise get to bed.

Finally agreeing to take on his case, Annalise asks him for his side of the story. She starts throwing up before he can begin. The Keating 5 bring the flyer evidence Annalise. She sees it as a good thing, since it means that no one actually know about the murders they're involved in. She returns the computer and suggests Simon came clean. Asher and Connor keep poking at Michaela to tell them where she's from.

Her story, like most the females, is that she considers them a waste of breath. Wes asks Laurel advice on breaking up Meggy. Mostly, to hint about getting together with her.

She tells him that Frank isn't gone. Bonnie returns to an empty hotel room.

Annalise delivers her lawsuit to the Dean. As she's leaving the Dean wants Annalise to know that she can't go through her recovery alone. Wes forces Laurel to Annalise about Frank just as Bonnie arrives back at the house. Three weeks later, Bonnie is on the phone with someone.

She tells them about Laurel's pregnancy. After talking to Meggy, Oliver tries Connor. Michaela's mother ends up picking up. Her daughter is still alive.

"It's About Frank" was a roller coaster of an episode. As "How to Get Away with Murder" approaches the big mid-season reveal a few others need to be squared away.

Keep watching, Thursdays at 10pm, to find out who lives and who gets way with murder. Check out extras here.

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