'How to Get Away With Murder' Recap: 'Don't Tell Annalise,' Season 3 Episode 4

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Last week, ABC's "How to Get Away With Murder" revealed there was another body in the burning house.

"Now, the Keating 5 will be forced to move behind her back in Don't Tell Annalise" in the fourth episode of the third season.

Annalise's job is in trouble when the Philadelphia Bar Association disciplinary board gets wind of incriminating evidence. Michaela, Asher, Wes, and Connor help to secure a young client's uncertain fate. Frank's behavior affects someone he knows.

Annalise is in a holding cell. Bonnie comes in to inform her of the second body in the house. They've been brought into the hospital. Four weeks earlier, Annalise is meeting with Eve in a bar. They get hit on by a pair of litigators who agrees to supply them with free drinks.

Nate meets her drunk ass at the door and helps her to bed. Frank has purchased a highly flammable container. Asher is sweating through his suit he's so nervous to be heading his first case.

Annalise isn't going to be any help to him since she's hungover. His opening statement does not go well. However, even worse is the fact that Annalise's license has been suspended.

Nate offers to look into who sent the video. Annalise told him she was out with Bonnie last night. Asher will be able to continue representing their client who will not come clean about where the money he stole is.

Frank is working inside the Coalport jail that he may have been a resident in. Oliver finds a storage unit facility that their client visits at least once a week.

He's been spending the money on baby things for his pregnant girlfriend. His girlfriend who is really his teacher.

Bonnie and Asher call the teacher in to ask her some questions. They set up a camera to record her answers but she doesn't say anything incriminating. Bonnie wants to make her confess on stand.

She might be going after the teacher because it's a similar situation to her and her father. Eve is giving Annalise advice on what she should do next in her career.

She admits to hiring a hitman to find Frank. Nate comes home interrupting their little comfort session.

Laurel is searching for Frank's time in prison when she gets a call from Meggy. She wants help planning a birthday celebration for Wes. Connor engages in a three way with a couple of juniors. Michaela keeps trying to help Oliver to find a hook up.

A member of the university's board emailed the video of "the slap." When Annalise goes to the Dean she knocks her down a few pegs before kicking her out. Laurel ruins the surprise of Wes's birthday party so she doesn't have to tell him about Frank.

Asher still doesn't think it's right for Bonnie to out the teacher right in front of the victim. Nate comes home to find her drinking. They fight and he leaves.

Tristan, the client, becomes enraged when he finds out his teacher will be going to jail. He's mainly worried about who will take care of the baby now. Annalise goes on record saying she's an alcoholic. Nate has gone to Atwood to rebound with her.

Wes gets his first birthday party. Annalise agrees to go to treatment if her license is reinstated afterwards.

She starts to make out with Eve but she's moved on to someone new. Annalise encourages her to be happy in this new relationship.

Laurel is feeling awkward watching Wes be happy with Meggy. Connor asks Oliver if he's hooking up with anyone. He hasn't because they reject him for being HIV positive. Bonnie come to tell Annalise that her father has died. He didn't die of natural causes, Frank was aiming to kill him by working in the jail.

Laurel overhears them say Coalport. So she confesses to Bonnie that she's always known where Frank was. Bonnie tells her not to tell Annalise.

Four weeks later, Bonnie meets up with Oliver in the hospital. They aren't getting any answers on who was in the fire. Meggy runs into the room and sees Laurel covered in soot, surrounded by doctors.

"Don't Tell Annalise," gets dicey for all involved.

With the relief of one more person's safety the other's fates are still yet to be determined. Tune into "How to Get Away With Murder" thursdays at 10pm as someone's life is about to end.

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