'How to Get Away With Murder' Recap: 'Always Bet Black,' Season 3 Episode 3

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Last week, ABC's "How to Get Away With Murder" stressed the importance of finding their missing hitman.

Now it's time to find out if Frank will allow himself to found in "Always Get Black," the third episode of the third season.

Annalise presents a high-profile murder case to her class that is more than a little morally questionable. Oliver, Connor, Asher, and Michaela go to Atlantic City. While searching for Frank, an unlikely source tips Laurel off to something rather shocking.

Oliver rushes to delete whatever is on the phone that Annalise gave him. While she is being booked at the police station. Six weeks earlier, Nate surprises her with a smoothie before work. They're getting awfully cute and domestic. Nate wants to tell the police about Frank but Annalise assures him that she's handling it.

She suggests that they keep some things separate from now on. Annalise throws the smoothie out the moment she gets to school. The president meets her by the bulletin board. She wants Annalise to keep a low profile.

Too bad her new case is for a tabloid murder case. Her students are reluctant to talk about it. Michaela offers to take the lead. In court, their client's browser history is being broadcast The ada brings out a piece of evidence that Annalise and her crew were unaware of.

It's a picture of their client taking a selfie with the victim seven minutes before she died. Annalise decides the best choice is to put him on the stand.

She drops the bomb to Wes that Laurel has lied about her current whereabouts. Laurel is meeting up with her father. He already knows the reason that she is there because he's been listening in on her phone calls.

Laurel's father has brought in a mediator to resolve the problems they have. Wes looks into Laurel's dad but hits a dead end. Connor finds out that Aiden, Michaela's ex, has found a new beard who is slightly more accomplished than she is.

The client starts to hit on her but Asher jumps to her defense. He loudly proclaims himself as her boo, the moment Bonnie walks in. Talk about awkward.

Laurel and her father talk but she won't accept any part of his apology. She gets ready to head back if he won't give her what she wants. Annalise goes to see the ADA for a deal. However, she says that Annalise will never get another favor from the office. Claws are out, looks like Annalise found her new match. Hopefully she doesn't end up like the last one.

Meggy is insisting that Wes celebrate his birthday. Just as things get heated, Laurel calls. She's starting to drown herself in alcohol when her father shows up with her favorite dessert.

He's found Frank but he doesn't want to tell her because he doesn't believe he's good enough. Laurel kicks him out of her hotel room.

Annalise calls her but she has it go straight to voicemail. Nate offers to make dinner but Bonnie, Michaela, and Oliver come in because their client has withdrawn a lot of money. He isn't trying to run though.

He's just trying to pay off his last lawyer who is blackmailing him for a murder he committed years ago. Oliver is trying to comfort Michaela as well as his own broken heart.

Annalise takes her students off of the case. Their client hit a girl with a bat because she was insulting him while refusing to have sex.

Oliver, Connor, Asher, and Michaela head to Atlanta. Michaela has stolen money from Toby, their client, to gamble with. Bonnie thinks that Annalise should turn their client in for his previous email. She sympathizes with the victim's mother. Annalise tries to get Bonnie to stay the night.

Obviously, she doesn't trust her not to make an anonymous tip. Oliver is getting hit on. Asher tries to get Connor to fight for him. The guy who was flirting with Oliver is now hitting on Connor.

Connor gets offended when the guy says that Asians aren't his type. Oliver thinks he scared the guy off on purpose. Asher and Michaela inform them that they've lost all the money.Bonnie is watching the mother's videos pleading for information on her daughter.

Nate tells Annalise that whatever they talk about in their bedroom will stay in there. She comes clean about the girl in the freezer.

Frank calls Laurel with a message for Annalise. They're even so he's not going to make another appearance and she should stop sending people out to find him.

Connor apologizes to Oliver, saying that he did purposely scare the guy off. Michaela bullies a pawn shop owner into giving her a fair deal on her engagement ring. She gives the extra cash that they don't need to a homeless person because it's blood money.

Annalise gets Toby to pin the murder of Janie on someone else. In the end the ADA gives her a deal, he gets three years in prison.

When he tries to fight the deal Annalise straight up slaps him across the face. Needless to say he takes it after that.

Laurel has signed the papers that her father gave him in order to get Frank's location out of him. He asks her to answer his calls and then admits that he's proud of the woman she's become.

Bonnie catches Michaela trying to return the money. When she tries to say something about Asher, Bonnie tells her to never talk about it again. The case is giving Annalise good press and the president is already getting calls.

Wes comes back in from calling Laurel and Meggy confronts him about his feelings for her. Wes doesn't deny the feelings but tells Meggy that she's the best person in his life at the moment. It seems to please her. Laurel lies to Annalise about getting Frank's location.

Six weeks later and the person who's still alive is Bonnie. She distracts the police officer so that Oliver can hide the phone under the ambulance.

Suddenly, the firefighters announce that they've found another body in the house. This one has a pulse still.

"Always Bet Black" was another deliciously suspenseful episode of "How to Get Away With Murder." It's always a relief to find out one of your faves has made it to the halfway mark alive.

Keep tuning in at 10pm on Thursday to find out who lives and ultimately who doesn't.

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