'How to Get Away with Murder' Ep. 3 Recap: Smile Or Go to Jail

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Tonight's new episode of "How to Get Away With Murder" revealed more secrets about the night of the murder, while in present time Annalise was asked by Middleton university president to defend a famous student.

Annalise still had Nate investigate more into her husband's alibi the night of Stangard's disappearance, as she believes he is still involved. It is revealed that Sam's car wasn't in its usual lot the night of the murder.

Nate showed Annalise evidence that Sam's alibi for the night of the murder was solid.

Meanwhile, Wes's neighbor Rebecca and Griffin, the school's quarterback and Stangard's boyfriend, were arrested for first-degree murder, and Annalise was asked by the Middleton University president help Griffin.

Griffin revealed that Lila and Rebecca were friends, and that Lila walked in on him and Rebecca having sex. He said Rebecca set the whole thing up and that she was the one responsible for Lila's murder. Last week Wes found a phone that was hidden in his apartment by Rebecca, and tonight it proved to be Lila Stangard's phone. Tonight he faked a defense attorney badge and questioned Rebecca about Lila's phone.

She refused to help him, however, but he was able to tell her that Griffin was going to pin the murder on her. Annalise came down on Wes for not telling her that Rebecca was his neighbor.

He pleaded that she should defend Rebecca, not Griffin. Annalise decided she would defend Rebecca, and Wes was given the beloved trophy for class. However upon going to talk with Rebecca the prosecutor shared that Rebecca had confessed on tape.

That wasn't the only work that Annalise must balance, however. She must also defend a soccer mom who was arrested by the FBI for alleged involvement in a murder from 1994 bombing attempt she worked on. The case against her seemed strong, however Annalise was sure that the she could get her off. Annalise's client met with the ringleader of the 1994 bombing, and the two share an obvious emotional connection.

He agreed to take the stand and say whatever he had to get Annalise's client off. However in a twist of turns the ringleader stabbed them in the back and testified for the prosecution instead; he put the whole blame on Annalise's client.

Annalise was able to get him to admit that he struck a deal with the prosecution to testify against her client. As Annalise's team built their defense, her client fled town with the ringleader witness from the trial.

Flash-forward again to the night of the murder of Annalise's husband and it was revealed that another person may have been present with Wes, Connor, Laurel, and Michaela. Michaela somehow lost her engagement ring while moving the body.

The four students, utilizing things they've learned from Annalise's class, used the bonfire going on the night of the murder as their alibi.

The next episode of "How to Get Away With Murder" airs Thursday, Oct. 16th at 10 p.m. on ABC.